The mattress and bedding I finally settled on is more comfortable then any I’ve ever slept on anywhere. I’ve tried foam, memory foam, air mattresses, trifold, crib mattress and every mattress I’ve heard about and could get my hands on.

A Thermarest Neo Air X Therm is the perfect bed for Prius sleeping. The horizontal triangular baffles are cutting edge and support like box springs. It’s warm, it can be adjusted to be hard or soft, and it’s tapered shape leaves room for gear. The lifetime warranty from Thermarest is hard to beat.

In the morning I let out a few breaths from the mattress so I can easily fold it in half and store it in back.  At night I just flip it’s top half forward and add back the few breaths. It can be stored down to the size of a water bottle if I wish. It delights me every morning that I’m not taking up all the space that a foam, a trifold, or other mattresses require and yet still have the same comfortable nights sleep.

For my bedding I have the latest technology in backpacking sleep gear called a quilt bag. It transformed into quilt, rectangular bag or mummy bag. Mine is from the Enlightened Equipment Co. Several other companies are making them now, although Enlightened has the best prices without sacrificing quality. I have both 30 degree rated and  0 degree rated 900 fill down bags. One inside the other could keep me warm at 40 below. They weigh 1 # and 1.25 #.

My Prius dwelling friend Suanne has wisely placed layers of massage table sheets over her mattress for quick changing. I should be so sanitary too, but so far one sheet made for tapered camping mattress stays clean enough.

The X therm is MSR for $250 or $150 on eBay. Thermarest will honor its warranty for an eBay purchase. I bought mine at an REI store front to more easily return it if I didn’t like it. Then I returned it and bought one on eBay.